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Creative Crumbs 7: @Netflix and @EliRoth – A Match Made in Hemlock Grove


hemlockHaving been a faithful follower of “American Horror Story” and “The Walking Dead,” I really didn’t want to become invested in another horror series, but after what I felt was a huge let down from this past season’s “Walking Dead” (minus the last episode), I needed to get the bad taste out of my mouth. After seeing the posters for “Hemlock Grove,” which flooded the New York City subway stations, I became increasing intrigued about the series.

Thankfully, I dove in the first night Netflix released all thirteen episodes, and Mr. Roth did not disappoint. For fans of the famed producer, “Hemlock Grove” is a maybe his most complex endeavor to date. The story has the twists of “Hostel” (my personal favorite Eli Roth project) times thirteen. For the squeamish, non-followers of his work, the Netflix serieshas a toned down gore factor with emphasis focused on plot and suspense. Translation, even if you are not a horror fan, the “Hemlock Grove” story will captivate you.

From a creative aspect, I implore anyone who plans on investing time in the series to pay attention to the shots. The use of composition and color are artistic in nature, the likes of which have not been seen since David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks.” The big difference between the two series, however, is the freedoms allowed by Roth being under the Netflix umbrella. Although far more liberties could have been taken with the “Hemlock Grove” content to make it more adult in nature, the show did not have to exploit those options, relying on the power and presentation of the story for its success.

If there was any question as to a need for the return of the series, I will say this with out giving anything away, there are no less than three loose ends that need to be tied up in season two, and I for one am looking very forward to the next set of teeth to grace my city’s subway posters.


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