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Did You Know: I’m Starting A New Project?


bookIt is not uncommon for me to jump into new opportunities in the creative world. Early on I learned that by strategically making myself available for a variety of creative outlets, I would become more marketable. Not everything I became a part of was a perfect match, but it is nice to have a list of diverse industries and medias listed on my resume. However, the next project I am taking on is a little outside of my comfort zone, but it combines many of the elements I am most attracted to.

Without giving too much away, I can say it is a book. This is not the first book I have started. In fact, the first one has been in progress for a little over a year now. Because of a variety of legal issues regarding the content, which needed to be addressed before I could complete it, the project is on hold. The law involved in creativity, is there anything more sacrilegious? Anyway, this new project is a much safer endeavor, and promises to be complete by early Fall 2012.

In the coming weeks I will start to release more details about this new endeavor and hope that what is created is as good as I imagine it. Luckily I surrounded myself with a partner who is more talented than I am in this realm, which is usually a good starting point for success! Either way there is a new opportunity just waiting to be seized and the experience alone is greatly welcomed!


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