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Did You Know: I Taught Photography?


phoographyThere was a time when I taught photography. How long ago you may ask? Well, lets just leave it as this, it was before digital photography ruled the wold. At the time I not only had access to the class room photo lab where I taught, but I also had a home photo lab as well. Both were built for black and white processing, and because of this I feel both my students and I had to face the challenge of composition and lighting without the safety net of todays color printing options.

As many educators can attest to, I learned a lot from my students. Having to be a part of the review process of all projects, I learned how to not only direct photo shoots, but also how to see things differently. It is true that no two people see the same object the same way, and capturing a subject on film proves the theory.

I still enjoy photography very much but haven’t done it professionally in some time. My last gig in this field was shooting live events, including both concerts and sporting. Before that I did a lot of property and comp shots for advertising needs. Today I find myself attracted to randomly obscure objects that catch my eye and chronicle them as part of my 365 day project. Is this form of the media as exciting as the subjects I once covered? For me, yes. Art is about what inspires you to create, or what prompts one to study an object. It doesn’t matter what your subject is, as long as it holds your attention and evokes an emotion that compels you to share the experience with others. In todays age, photography is one of the easiest ways to do just that!


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